Turning Interest Into Action

The Clean Air Action Network was formed in March 2019 to reduce air pollution in the greater Glens Falls Area and protect public health. CAAN’s mission is to achieve a healthier environment and a more socially just, sustainable economy through grassroots organizing, public education, thoughtful analysis and strategic action. We also work to implement Zero Waste principles and practices throughout Warren County.





I find meaning and create community by working with others in the struggle to right wrongs and to help heal the planet. I thrive by making “good trouble.” I took the lead in starting the Clean Air Action Network of Glens Falls because I recognized that together we could make a difference. I earned my MS (Entomology) from Cornell and served as the founding executive director of the NY Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides (1990-95) and the Regional Farm & Food Project (1996 - 2004). Since the mid 2000s I have worked as a freelance journalist.

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CAAN's grassroots environmental activism drew me to the organization. Its vital mission of educating the public about and acting to stop environmental harm in the North Country makes it an indispensable force. I'm eager to apply what training I have as a retired professor of economics to research and movement organizing on behalf of CAAN.



Nancy Ellett-Crosby is a retired teacher who has lived, hiked and paddled most of her life close to the banks of the Hudson River, and is concerned with promoting a sustainable lifestyle and healthy environment to pass on to her grandchildren and all others.


Helen Wolfe

Helen has always been concerned about environmental issues.  Recently relocating to Glens Falls, she became active in CAAN due to concerns about air quality and community health.  She is hopeful that CAAN and concerned citizens can work together to move our communities in the direction of sustainability in order to preserve the integrity of the local environment and natural resources in this beautiful region of NYS.


LaDelle Dautremont

I am very happy to have the opportunity to work and learn with other concerned people in our communities to protect our local environment and the health of our friends and families.