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Hudson Falls trash plant among country's 'dirty dozen' incinerators

The Hudson Falls Wheelabrator trash incinerator is of the top polluters of lead, mercury, and carbon monoxide in the country.

The Wheelabrator trash incinerator in Hudson Falls is one of the highest polluters in the country, though it has not exceeded its permits. These pollutants, specifically lead, mercury, and carbon monoxide, impact community members within a 3-mile radius of the plant.

This is an environmental justice issue as many people who live near the Wheelabrator plant are low income and people of color.

While the Wheelabrator facility is sometimes referred to as "waste-to-energy", it is not a clean source of energy and causes more pollution than many coal-fired power plants. Wheelabrator emits 67%
of the area’s hydrochloric acid, 40% of the area’s lead, and 41% of the area’s mercury. Wheelabrator representatives argue that they are an overall good for the community as they divert waste from landfills and create jobs. However, there is strong local controversy over its operations.

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