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You live in Fort Edward


Template public comment for residents of Fort Edwards who live in this Census Tract (36115088000) [not designated by state as disadvantaged]



·     “My name is ___. I live in Fort Edward.”


Consider talking about your community’s preexisting Health Burdens, for example:

·     “My community already experiences very high health burdens.”

·     “For example, my community has very high rates of an inflammatory lung disease known as COPD.”

·     “Our Census Tract’s average annual age-adjusted emergency department visits for COPD are higher than those in 91% of all Tracts in the state.”

·     “In addition, our access to healthcare is very limited compared to that of other New Yorkers.”

·     “The State’s Disadvantaged Community Map indicates that the driving time to healthcare facilities is far longer for residents in our Census Tract than for the vast majority of Census Tracts throughout the state.”

Consider talking about your community’s preexisting Pollution Burdens, for example:

·     “My community is also subject to significant pollution burdens.”

·     “Our Census Tract has more environmental remediation sites than 99% of Census Tracts throughout New York”


Consider talking about how DEC should be decreasing pollution in and around Moreau, not licensing it:

·     “DEC should be working to reduce health burdens in my community by reducing the cumulative pollution we are exposed to.”

·     “Instead, the agency is unconscionably considering putting our health at further risk by allowing a corporation to further pollute our environment”

·     “Fort Edwards is also adjacent to state-designated disadvantaged communities to its North, with very high health and pollution burdens.”

·     “Of all the places in the world to build this facility, why is Saratoga Biochar choosing a location so close to already struggling communities?”


Consider talking about some of your air pollution concerns, for example:

·     “Modeling in Saratoga Biochar’s Air Permit Application indicates that the Saratoga Biochar Facility will release numerous co-pollutants into our community.”

·     “For example, maps in the application show Lead emissions reaching our community.”

·     “Lead accumulates in bones, and EPA says, ‘depending on the level of exposure, lead can adversely affect the nervous system, kidney function, immune system, reproductive and developmental systems and the cardiovascular system.’”


·     “Among other pollutant emissions, the maps indicate that PFOA and mercury will reach our community, which is particularly concerning as these substances accumulate in the environment over time.”


·     “EPA says ‘[c]hildren exposed to methylmercury while they are in the womb can have impacts to their cognitive thinking, memory, attention, language, fine motor skills, and visual spatial skills.’”


·     “Of PFOA, EPA has indicated that human studies have found associations between PFOA and/or PFOS exposure and several types of health effects including damage to the liver, the immune system, the cardiovascular system, and human development (e.g., decreased birth weight), and increases in certain cancers.’”


·     The permit materials also lack sufficient air emissions testing procedures. Tests are far too infrequent.


NOTE: [If you want to raise doubts about the usefulness of Biochar Product, see Appendix]

Also consider talking about your right to a healthful environment:

·     “In addition, under Article 1 section 19 of the New York State Constitution, I have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.”


Consider closing by reiterating your concerns about your community’s health burdens:

·     “Why should we continue to deal with higher adverse health burdens than most New Yorkers?”

·     “Does DEC think our community is expendable?”

Need help?  

If you have questions or can volunteer, please email me at or call me at 518-692-8242 landline before Tuesday.


We need a few more people to help out at the Urgent Meetings. Thank you! Together we will win!

Tracy Frisch for Clean Air Action Network of Glens Falls

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