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Wheelabrator Hudson Falls Annual Facility Operating Report

Read this report to understand the solid waste burning operations that occur at the Hudson Falls Wheelabrator facility.

In 2019, the Wheelabrator plant in Hudson Falls processed mostly municipal solid waste in addition to industrial waste, sewage treatment sludge, tires, and pharmaceuticals. The plant processed between 9,000 and 15,000 tons of waste each month. Wheelabrator produced 1,016,910 Klbs of steam and generated 92,368.01 MWH of power in 2019. It sold 77,655.02 MWH of that generated power. The facility produced 44,286.44 tons of ash residue.

This report documents what trash was received and processed by the Wheelabrator facility in Hudson Falls in 2019 and where the waste came from, including company names and locations.

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